Ultrasonic Cleaning ( Carbs )


Here are some examples of what we can achieve with our ultrasonic cleaner, using a special solvent which is safe on the many delicate parts in a carburettor our ultrasonic cleaner can get your carbs looking and functioning like a new set.

We will fully strip / clean and check your carburettors for wear or damage, rebuild using new seals etc. where required and set them to factory settings ready for you to install back on your motorcycle.

This set came to us in a very bad state, linkages were seized and float needles and gaskets were all worn. 


After our cleaning process and part way through the rebuild process:


 Here are another set after cleaning, this set required a lot of new parts due to wear on the needles/ emulsion tubes and slide guides. Once rebuilt they were again as good as new.

 Here is another example of our cleaning, these carbs are from a 99 R1, the bike was a non runner and had been stood some time.